Some years ago, the entire continent was plunged into war.

No one knows exactly when it started; what everyone does know is that some crazy human calling himself the Emperor of Man decided that humans deserved to rule the place, and he decided to reach out and enslave pretty much everyone else. Of course people resisted, though eventually the warring factions had to band together to put down a common foe: an undead dragon whose armies had only grown more powerful with each casualty on the battlefield.

In the aftermath of this bloody conflict, the continent’s rulers were dead and the factions lay battered and broken. Civilization was pretty much reduced to nothing as the survivors fought over the spoils of war and sought to eke out a meager existence in the scarred, torn land.

It was sometime during that chaos when the Guilds took control.

The Guilds began in the background, plying their usual trades. The war’s aftermath, however, allowed the guilds to control the resources and economy of the realms. Before long the term “Guild with a capital G” came to mean much more than its humble beginnings: the Guilds were the undisputed rulers of the continent, the movers and shakers, vying for control over what the war had left behind.

Here is where the mercenaries come in.

The Guilds, you see, have some odd code of honor. They all hate each other, but for some reason they haven’t resorted to open conflict. Instead of just starting up another faction war, they’ve taken to hiring mercenaries to do their dirty work: deliveries, escorts, sabotages, you name it. At present the Guilds are known to pay so well that adventuring has taken only a second spot to mercenary work as the most profitable profession for someone willing to risk their lives.

The Thornfist Mercenaries are a network of such men and women whose services are reputedly unmatched. They swear no allegiance to any one Guild, and the jobs they offer are posted in the pubs all throughout the continent. They’re known to pay what is properly due, and they really have only one rule: no one backs out from a job before it’s done.

You are mercenaries who have just recently found membership in this group. Will you fight for coin, or are you destined to find something greater than the next job’s pay?

The Thornfist Mercenaries